Primafamed held it’s 14th annual conference on the 4th and 5th June with participants from our member institutions and strategic partners. Please find all the presentations and posters down below:

Primafamed Programme



Bob Mash / Klaus Von Pressentin / Edward Chagonda / Kennedy Ouna / Josemar De Lima / Kennedy Ouna / Abraham Gyuse / James Amisi / Jacob Shabani / Martha Makwero / Zelra Malan / Bola Fatusin / Dirk Hagemeister / Bernhard Gaede / Rashiqua Holdman / Olga Maphashe / Carien Steyn / Riha Mukhinindi / Innocent Besigye / Mpundu Makasa



Overview of PHC Global Report – “Implementing the Primary Health Care Approach: a Primer” – Faraz Khalid

Building climate resilient and environmentally sustainable PHC – Bob Mash and Charlotte Scheerens

How to advocate for family medicine and key stakeholders – Martha Makwero and Jan De Maeseneer

Development of WHO Collaborating Centres for PHC in Africa and results of the assessment of primary care performance (PCAT) – Bob Mash, Kefilath Bello, Innocent Besigye, Anna Galle

Feedback on the TEAM grant and CliMigHealth network – Bob Mash, Christian Lokotola, Charlotte Scheerens, Ilse Ruyssen



PHC at the Crossroad of Societal Changes: perspectives for 2030 – Jan De Maeseneer

Entrustable professional activities for postgraduate family medicine training – Louis Jenkins

Critical prescribing in African primary care – Jan De Maeseneer and Oliver van Hecke

How to design an effective portfolio of learning for workplace-based assessment in Family Medicine training – Louis Jenkins