PRIMAFAMED is committed to an annual meeting of the network, although this is dependent on available funding. Often our meetings are linked to other events such as the Wonca Africa Conference. 

Previous meetings include:

14th Primafamed Meeting 15+16 August 2023, Johannesburg

Primafamed Meeting 18-19 October 2022

Networking in a time of COVID
Virtual Meeting 7-8 October (2021) 

11th Primafamed Virtual Conference (2020)

10th Primafamed workshop
Kampala, Uganda (2019)

Family Medicine and Universal Health Coverage

9th Primafamed workshop,
Pretoria (2017)

Family Medicine and the Social Determinants of Health. 20 Years of Primafamed-Network

Due to lack of resources, only a very limited number of people from the Primafamed-Network could attend this meeting, that co-incided with the Wonca-Africa Regional Meeting.

8th Primafamed workshop,
Kenya (2016)

Family Medicine and the Sustainable Development Goals

7th Primafamed workshop,
Ghana (2015)

Developing a sustainable workforce in Family Medicine and Primary Health Care in order to address the challenges of multimorbidity, chronic care and palliative care in Africa

6th Primafamed workshop,
South Africa (2014)

Capacity Building and Priorities in Primary Care Research in Africa

5th Primafamed workshop, 
Zimbabwe (2012)

Scaling up capacity building in Family Medicine and Primary Health Care in sub-Saharan Africa

4th Primafamed workshop,
South Africa (2011)

Advocacy in Family Medicine and Development of Community Oriented Primary Care in the Context of Family Medicine in Sub Saharan Africa

3rd Primafamed workshop, 
Swaziland (2010)

Research integrated in Family Medicine training

2nd Primafamed workshop, 
South Africa (2009)

Training the Trainers: development of departments of Family Medicine and PHC

1st Primafamed workshop, 
Uganda (2008)

Improving the Quality of Family Medicine in Sub-Saharan Africa

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