This workshop follows the World Health Assembly resolution on strengthening clinical trials, which calls for greater research inclusivity, more research in the places where new approaches are intended to be used, and which addresses locally relevant questions that could improve health and care. We will cover different research designs and traditions, and some novel methods of implementing research so it becomes easier for research participants, health care professionals and researchers to contribute to primary care research. Then, we will invite workshop participants to identify one or two questions relevant to their practice that they might like to answer, and we will together consider the best way to address their curiosity using rigorous research methods.
We will end on making linkages and identifying possible future collaborations. If we have time left over, we can cover some further examples of research studies, successful and less successful, that have been done in primary care, and consider what we can learn from them.

After a BA at Rhodes University, Chris Butler trained in Medicine at the University of Cape Town, worked for a while in Family Medicine and McMaster University, and practised as a part-time GP in the South Wales Valleys. He is now Senior Research Fellow at Trinity College, Clinical Director of the Primary Care Clinical Trials Unit, and co-Director of the NIHR Oxford Health-Tec Research Centre at the University of Oxford. He has helped lead >30 randomised trials in the community and is at the forefront of innovative trial design.

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