Primafamed held a virtual conference on the 7th and 8th October with participants from our member institutions and strategic partners. Please find links below to the zoom videos or power point presentations for each sessions:

Prof Bob Mash: Introductory talk on the “state of the network”

Feedback on innovations, achievements and needs for support within the network:

(M Fallala, Z Malan, M Boqore, I Besigye, P Besha, V Setlhare, B Gaede, C Makasa)

Charlotte Scheerens (chair): International thematic network network on climate change, migration and health (care) in Africa

Dr Farai Madzimbamuto and Prof Sunanda Ray: Assessment and Examinations CANECSA experience

Prof Bob Mash: Primary Health Care Research Consortium

Jane Bates: NORHED Project

Dr Pius Ameh: Afriwon Research Collaboration

Dr Ts’epo Motsohi: Workshop on standard setting for assessment Pt.1 / Pt.2