Primafamed held it’s 14th annual conference on the 15th and 16th August with participants from our member institutions and strategic partners. Please find all the presentations¬† in the link below:

Meeting Presentations and Resources

Bob Mash – Annual Primafamed Meeting

Bob Mash – The State of the Network

Oisin Bates – General Practice research in Ireland: Potential for collaboration?

Innocent Besigye – WONCA Africa & AfroPHC

Anna Galle – WHOCC on Family Medicine and PHC – Ghent University

Bola Fatusin – Afriwon Research Collaborative

Mpundu Makasa – NORHEDII/PRICE

Martha Makwero – NORHED-PRICE

Louis Jenkins – Workplace-based Assessment and EPAs

Bob Mash/Klaus Von Pressentin – An analysis of original research in family medicine and primary health care in sub-Saharan Africa

Kefilath Bello – The expanding movement of primary care physicians operating at the first line of healthcare delivery systems in sub-Saharan Africa: A scoping review

Martha Makwero – Primafamed Conference

Innocent Besigye – PHC Team integration for comprehensive PHC services in India, Mexico & Uganda

Humphrey Karamagi – A primary health care perspective on African health systems: Implications for education and research