The workshop will introduce Observation Studies as an indispensable alternative to experimental studies such as Randomized Controlled Trials. Workshop attendees will learn about the main observational study designs including cohort, cross-sectional and case-control studies. The advantages and disadvantages of each design will be discussed using real-world examples. Finally, the workshop will highlight recent advancements in the field of causal inference, providing overview of modern data-analytical approaches that can help address confounding biases that are frequent in observational studies.

Dr Schuster, Associate Professor at the Department of Family Medicine at McGill University, is holder of a Canada Research Chair in Biostatistical Methods for Primary Health Care Research. His main methodological interests are in the development of causal inference methods and their application in modern machine learning.

Bob Mash is a Distinguished Professor at the Division of Family Medicine and Primary Care at Stellenbosch University. He co-ordinated the PRIMAFAMED network and edited the Wonca book “How to do primary care research” in which Prof Schuster wrote the chapter on Observational Studies.

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