Exploratory descriptive and phenomenological qualitative research studies are common in the field of family medicine. Many of our students and researchers use such qualitative methods. As editor of the African Primary Health Care and Family Medicine journal I see the many different ways in which people try to describe and present what they have done. In this workshop we will engage with the process of qualitative data analysis, look at how to present the findings and describe the methods, and discuss issues of trustworthiness in the analytical process.

Bob Mash is an established researcher in the field of family medicine and editor-in-chief of the African Primary Health Care and Family Medicine Journal. He has co-edited the Wonca book on “How to do primary care research”.

Vincent K. Cubaka is a family physician experienced in qualitative methods for health research. He is Director of Research and Training at Partners in Health, Rwanda and also a member of the editorial board of the South African Family Practice Journal.

To see the recorded session, follow the link provided https://fb.watch/v/17Z5dZJmL/