This workshop is targeted at novice (e.g. registrars, Masters students) and early career researchers (e.g. family physicians in first 5-years or new faculty) as well as postgraduate supervisors. We will focus on preparing data for analysis, choosing the correct statistical tests, writing your methods and presenting your results in the form of a journal article. The presenter is using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences and may demonstrate how to perform some of the analysis in SPSS. The workshop will not deal with advanced analysis such as multivariate or factor analysis.

Bob Mash is an established researcher at Stellenbosch University with over 200 scientific papers. He supervises both masters and doctoral students. He is co-editor of the Wonca book “How to perform primary care research” and editor-in-chief of the African Primary Health Care and Family Medicine Journal. He is not a statistician and has come to research from a clinical background as a family physician.

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